EAR - Editicalu Archlinux Repository

This is the test version of the EAR. We use it for testing purposes; it might break at all time. Not recommended if you want a working EAR.

This repo contains most of my AUR packages and some other ones in prepackaged and compiled form. Some of them take quite some time to compile. The binaries are daily generated and signed by the GitLab CI.


  1. Download our GPG key

  2. Add the key using pacman-key --add ~/Downloads/signingkey.asc

  3. Sign the key locally to indicate that you trust it using pacman-key --lsign-key eartest@wardsegers.be.

  4. Add the ear repository to your pacman installation by adding the following to /etc/pacman.conf:

    SigLevel = Required
    Server = https://test.ear.wardsegers.be/$arch

  5. Done! Running pacman -Syu should show eartest as a repository.

Uninstall the repository

  1. Delete the section for the eartest from your /etc/pacman.conf
  2. Run pacman-key --delete eartest@wardsegers.be to delete your signature. This will make sure that you don't trust our key anymore.

Packages installed from the ear will remain installed. Your package manager will probably use the AUR for the package updates.


This testing version only includes the dollar package and packages that are not ready for the EAR yet. You can list the packages currently in the repository by running

pacman -S --list eartest


Some things that I would want to improve, if i can find time for it:

  • A cli to generate the .gitlab-ci.yml more programmatic
  • ARMv8 support
  • ARMv7 support
  • ARMv6 support